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OptiMate & AccuMate Accessories (TM)

2.5m Extension Cable

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2.5 metre extension cable for use with OptiMate and AccuMate battery chargers.


£8.33 + VAT (£9.99 inc VAT)

A 2.5 metre extension cable which allows a pre-2015 AccuMate or pre-2012 OptiMate with TM connectors to be used further from the vehicle or battery. Simply plug one end into the outlet lead of the AccuMate or OptiMate and the other end into the vehicle. Heavy-duty cable and “glide-guide” TM connectors ensure a reliable connection. Can also be used with “Power Accessories” like the USB chargers, flashlights etc. to extend their range from the battery connection cable.

If your OptiMate or accessory has the black SAE compatible connector, you need O-3 or O-13



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