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OptiMate Test

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OptiMate Test - Battery monitor and tester. Fast, accurate on-vehicle testing of 12V batteries & charging systems.

OptiMate Test TS-120

£31.66 + VAT (£37.99 inc VAT)

OptiMate Test - A simple, affordable tester designed to be used with the standard OptiMate / AccuMate connection lead, as fitted to a large percentage of cars & bikes on the road, or with the supplied clamp lead. Alternatively, other OptiMate SAE accessory leads can be used to connect OptiMate Test to vehicles via cigarette lighter sockets, DIN sockets or to the earlier OptiMate TM leads.

OptiMate Test will display the battery rest Voltage, the charge system Voltage with the engine running and the cranking Voltage - effectively a load test using the vehicle's starter motor.

OptiMate Test is an ideal tool to have in the toolchest for workshop use. Know 100% that your battery and charging system are both in good reliable condition. Totally weatherproof; Fast and easy to use.

OptiMate Test will fit the eyelet permanent connection leads with the black SAE connector as supplied with most of our current chargers. If your bike has the TM compatible lead fitted, you’ll need the O-7 converter for direct connection, but you can still use OptiMate Test with the supplied clamp lead.



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