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SynchroMate Carb Balancer

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Precision Electronic Carburettor Synchronization for multi-carb engines at an affordable price.


165.00 + VAT (198.00 inc VAT)




SynchroMate V2 - the cost-effective carburettor / throttle valve synchroniser.

Accurate electronic measurement at a cost no more than a good set of dial gauges.  SynchroMate displays the difference in intake vacuum of two carburettors precisely on one transverse "East-West" display. Visual estimation errors, common to traditional columns of mercury or dial gauges, are eliminated as one differential value is displayed.

A single LED flashing at the dead-centre "Pa" mark indicates that the compared manifold vacuums are equal to within 0.5 cm Hg (centimetres of mercury).  Where different vacuum intake values are required for each carburettor, such as with Mariner and Yamaha 4-stroke outboards, the exact positive or negative difference between two carburettors can be read off the "differential" scale, which is calibrated from - to + 7 cm Hg.  Actual intake vacuums can be read with a flick of a switch, displayed on a 0 - 60 cm Hg scale.

The low component count and solid state electronics makes the SynchroMate very durable and reliable. A rubber holster provides protection against mechanical shocks and knocks.  Power is provided from the vehicle battery or an external 12V battery via a 2-metre (6 ft) power cable with large crocodile clips.  Periodic calibration is very simple: without any tubes connected, adjust the single screw until the centre LED flashes.

Synchronisation of 4 linked carburettors is made easy using the optional 4-channel adapter kit.  A simple flick of a switch activates the built-in tachometer which allows adjustment of engine speed between 500 and 2000 rpm, prior to and after synchronisation.  Threaded connection adapters in either all-metal or the unique "flexi-rigid" style that allow easier connection to difficult to reach manifold points are available in 5mm & 6mm sizes.

SynchroMate brings advanced digital synchronisation within reach not only of professionals but also of amateur technical enthusiasts.  The power supply lead delivered with the SynchroMate allows easy connection to any 12 Volt battery (DC input must be between 11 & 15 Volts for correct operation).

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