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OptiMate Professional Chargers

OptiMate PRO-8

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Unique 6V & 12V Battery Charger / Optimiser for up to 8 batteries.


£435.00 + VAT & Carriage


by tecMATE




OptiMate PRO-8 pdf


OptiMate PRO-8 is designed to charge up to 8 batteries.


8 x 1A outputs.  6V / 12V operation


Connection: SAE

Unique 8-battery optimiser, automatically recovers deep discharged batteries. Selectable 6V and 12V outputs. The PRO-8 is configured with 4 selectable paired outlets, each with 2 outputs. Each of the 4 banks can be set to either 6V or 12V giving 2, 4, 6 or 8 outputs for either Voltage. Each output is 1 Amp maximum current, suitable for all lead-acid batteries from 3Ah (AGM / MF) or 4Ah (Std / Gel).

Time-saver for service workshops: Recovery, charging, testing, and maintaining of 8 batteries (even different sizes) simultaneously. Each circuit operates independently and delivers 1A constant current. Perfect for all types of rechargeable 12V lead-acid batteries: filler cap types, sealed AGM "MF" motorcycle batteries, and gel start & Deep Cycle (DC) batteries.

Diagnoses: deep discharge and light sulphation (as low as 2V) and 100% automatically starts a unique recovery treatment to recover many neglected batteries. Perfectly charges up to eight different batteries simultaneously.

Tests: for shorted cell and battery capacity defects. A self-discharge check will diagnose if the battery is able to retain its charge correctly – it checks whether the battery rest voltage maintains above 6V or 12V during the test. For a more complete test including the cranking current that a 12V battery is still able to deliver (CCA), we recommend the use of our resistive tester TestMate (2-30Ah) or our BatteryMate (integrated charger-load tester for 2-45Ah batteries).

Maintains: Provided the battery has passed the voltage retention test, it will be offered a limited amount of current, actually just what it takes so that it won’t self-discharge. Therefore, it is perfectly safe to leave a battery in maintenance mode for indefinite periods of time, even during months or years! This feature is interesting for battery dealers who can activate 8 of their top selling batteries and keep them ready for their – sometimes hurried – customers. Another popular application is the charge & maintenance of batteries during the winter storage of pleasure boats, motorcycles, etc. Also ideal for use with deep-cycle and standby Gel batteries used in all sorts of industrial applications.

Easy to use: The advanced, fully automatic, multi-stage charging program ensures a highly effective charge before switching over to the long-term maintenance program. Simply select correct charging Voltage – everything else is automatic. LED indications for: AC power on; inverse polarity connection; recovery program; normal charging; maintenance charging and battery suspect.


 How it works

Before connecting, select “NEW” for the first-ever charge of new sealed (e.g. AGM) motorcycle batteries or 2A / 4A for others, depending on capacity.

  1. Battery check:  OptiMate Pro-8 must be connected to a battery (retaining a minimum of 1.8V) to activate its output.
  2. Desulphation and recovery: if necessary, a high voltage is applied to recover neglected, flat batteries (removed from the vehicle) from sulphation to a chargeable state.
  3. Bulk charge stage: A constant current of 1A optimally charges each individual battery according to its evolving electrical characteristics.
  4. Short-circuited cell check: during charging the ampmatic processor checks for short-circuited or damaged cells.
  5. Absorption and equalisation: during 10 minutes the current is delivered in pulses to cause the voltage to oscillate between 13.7 and 14.3V, aiding cell voltage equalisation.
  6. Charge verification: this stage has a twofold function, it completes the charge and equalises the voltage between the cells, optimising battery performance and lifespan.
  7. Charge retention test: when the optimal charge has been achieved, a 30-minute test is carried out. Results of the tests can be read at a glance on the easy-to-read LED panel. 30-minute tests are repeated hourly until the OptiMate PRO-8 is disconnected, so that the battery status indication is continually updated.
  8. Charge maintenance: during alternate 30 minute periods, at a float limit of 13,6V the battery is offered whatever charge current it needs to sustain it against any small connected loads or power leakage and against natural self discharge.  OptiMate PRO-8 can be left connected to the battery indefinitely, the battery will stay cool and safe. And optimally charged. Of course.


Technical Specifications

Recommended for:

AGM / MF, STD, GEL and spiral cell batteries from 2Ah to 100Ah (48 hour charge)

Programme control:

fully automatic ampmatic processor

Input Voltage:

Selectable 115-230V 50-60Hz input

Input current max:

0.45A @ 230V

Reverse drain current:

less than 1mA per output

Output current (bulk charge):

4 x 1A

Automatic desulphation:

high voltage

Charge time limit:

48 hours (maintenance time: unlimited)

Maintain / test cycles:

30 min/30 min (alternating hourly)  First test on ‘NEW’: 10min

Charge retention test:

2 possible results - ‘good’ or ‘bad’


235 x 274 x 178 mm



Enclosure classification:



optional wall bracket available

Input cable length:


Output cable length:

2.65m (incl. extension, excl. connection set)

Included Accessories:

8 x O-4 clamps set for bench charging; 8 x O-3 extension cables

Operation temperature range:

0°C / +40°C


2 years



E-Mail: sales@AccuMate.co.uk