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OptiMate 4 Dual Program

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State of the art multiple award-winning automatic battery optimiser. Now CAN-bus compatible. The world's best! For all lead-acid 12V batteries from 2.5 to 50 Amp-hours capacity. Ideal for motorcycles, ATVs, jet-skis etc.


 £58.33 + VAT (£69.99 inc VAT)




OptiMate 4 Dual Program Leaflet pdf


Recommended by virtually every major motorcycle manufacturer. 


0.8 Amp charge rate

Connection: SAE

9 Manufacturer Endorsements - 20 years development

Over 1,500,000 happy customers - MCN Product of the Year!      

British Dealer News Best Retail Product!


OptiMate 4 Dual Program is the latest version of the multiple award-winning OptiMate 4 - the unique multistage battery optimiser specially designed for modern 12V starter batteries from 2.5 to 50 Amp-hours. With OptiMate 4 Dual Program you can now either charge the battery direct, or select the program to charge via the 12V port on CAN-bus equipped BMW motorcycles (using either the optional O2 or O9 accessory plug lead).

OptiMate 4 Dual Program has all the proven OptiMate 4 features plus:

·       Fully automatic KEYLESS connection to CAN-bus equipped BMWs via the 12V accessory socket.

·       Low voltage PULSE recovery for even more effective recovery of badly neglected, sulphated batteries.

·       A user-friendly initial battery condition test on connection to give an instant indication of battery condition prior to charging.

·       An extended 3-year warranty.

How it works

1.       Switch between STANDARD or CAN-BUS program with a simple 5 step procedure: connect clamps together, connect to mains, wait for the LED’s to confirm program change, disconnect clamps. LED indication confirms the CAN-BUS program is active. Once selected, the chosen program is saved as the default mode for next use, but you can switch programs as many times as you want.

2.       Safety check: OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM will proceed to charge if the battery voltage can maintain above 2V during the initial start up diagnosis, even if the battery was at 0.5V before connection.

3.       Functionality: OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM microprocessor checks the system for correct operation (LEDs flash briefly to confirm).

4.       Pre-qualification test: OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM indicates the battery condition prior to charging.

5.       Desulphation and recovery: STANDARD (up to 16V) engages automatically to recover neglected, flat batteries from a sulphated to a chargeable state. For badly neglected batteries the TURBO stage (max 22V) engages if vehicle electronics are not detected or the battery is out of the vehicle. The turbo stage is disabled in CAN-bus mode. The safe low voltage PULSE recovery engages for the final 15 minutes.

6.       Bulk charge: a constant current of 0.8A is delivered until the voltage reaches 14.3V.

7.       Absorption and equalisation: Current is delivered in pulses to bring the battery to full charge in the shortest possible time.

8.       Charge verification and short circuit / dead cell check: Charge acceptance is monitored, to detect internal damage and prevent unnecessary charging of an unrecoverable battery that cannot be recovered. An undamaged battery requiring further charging will revert to pulsed absorption.

9.       Voltage retention test: is conducted for 30 minutes during which no charge current is delivered, with 5 possible test results indicating the battery's general state of health. The pre-qualification test can be used to detect batteries that may hold a charge initially, but lose charge overnight.

10.   Charge maintenance: a voltage of 13.6V is delivered for 30 minutes following each voltage retention test, with sufficient current to sustain it against natural self-discharge or drain from permanently active vehicle components or connected accessories (alarm, immobiliser). The voltage retention test and charge maintenance periods continue alternating half-hourly until the battery is disconnected. The test result is updated during each subsequent test.

11.   CAN-bus program: the KEYLESS activation program guarantees automatic re-opening of the connection even with the ignition not turned on.

12.   The alternating test and charge maintenance program is designed to provide the recommend maintenance voltage for AGM / GEL batteries whilst reducing the average voltage as required by STD filler cap batteries, making it ideal for indefinite and 100% safe long term maintenance charging of any type of 12V lead-acid battery. 

Technical Specifications

Recommended for:

AGM/MF, STD, GEL and spiral cell batteries from 2Ah to 50Ah

Long term maintenance: up to 75Ah

Programme control:

Microprocessor, 6 stages, fully automatic

Input current max:

0.15A @ 230V

Typical annual energy cost:

less than £1.00 per year (continuous maintenance)

Reverse drain current:

less than 0.5mA

Output current (bulk charge):


Automatic desulphation:

2 stages (recovery and Turbo-recovery)

Charge time limit:

48 hours (maintenance time: unlimited)

Maintain / test cycles:

30 min/30 min (alternating hourly)

Charge retention test:

5 possible results from ‘good’ to ‘bad’


200 x 75 x 61mm



Enclosure classification:



easy direct wall mounting

Input cable length:


Output cable length:


Included Accessories:

O1 (SAE-71) weatherproof eyelet lead; O4 (SAE-74) clamps lead for bench charging

Operation temperature range:

-40°C / +40°C


3 years


The REAL & unique 6-step battery optimiser specially designed for all modern 12V starter batteries from 2.5 to 50 Amp-hours capacity.

Diagnoses, recovers, charges, checks & maintains your battery automatically for months.  All major battery manufacturers recommend maintaining starter batteries FULLY CHARGED during periods of non-use. OptiMate 4 is totally safe for months-long connection and maintenance of irregularly or seasonally used batteries even while still connected to the vehicle. The sophisticated charging algorithm ensures no risk of over-charging.

Suitable for all types of rechargeable 12V lead-acid batteries: filler cap types; absorbed glass mat (AGM or "MF"); valve regulated (VRLA); GEL-electrolyte.  As simple as 1-2-3: Just connect OptiMate 4 to your battery, the rest is automatic.  Electronically protected against user errors.  There is no switch, no fuse and there are no sparks.

See also: OptiMate 4 Dual Program – Sales Leaflet

Delivered with two interchangeable connection sets, one with clamps for bench charging, the other with in-line protection fuse and eyelet terminals for permanent connection to the vehicle’s battery to allow easy reconnection of charger when necessary.

Optional accessories include additional fused permanent connection leads (O1); cigarette lighter plug lead (02) to charge via the cigarette lighter or DIN socket (as found on some BMW, Honda & Triumph touring motorcycles); 1.8m and 4.6m extension leads, weatherproof sockets to provide a convenient 12V supply for sat-nav, MP3 player, mobile phone charger, PDA etc. and much more.  CE Certification; 3-year warranty.


E-Mail: sales@AccuMate.co.uk