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OptiMate SAE Compatible Accessories

SAE to MV Agusta Lead

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Special cable to quickly connect OptiMates and OptiMate accessories to MV Agusta power socket.

SAE57 (O57)

£13.33 + VAT (£15.99 inc VAT)


New improved SAE-compatible connection lead.

Special fused accessory plug lead for use with SAE OptiMates allows connection to the 12V power sockets fitted to some MV Agusta motorcycles. It can be a simpler alternative to fitting the O-1 eyelet lead to the battery.

The O-57 allows easy connection of an OptiMate to a MV Agusta and is especially helpful where the battery is not easily accessible.  As well as enabling easy connection of your OptiMate charger, the SAE connector can also be used to connect to other OptiMate accessories – e.g. to power USB devices, heated grips, portable devices etc. Use of the O-15 Y-splitter as well enables connection of more than one accessory.

Get one for your MV Agusta for quick and easy connection of OptiMate and OptiMate accessories.




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