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OptiMate SAE Compatible Accessories

DIN to Cig Socket Lead

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Converter Lead to connect accessories with cigarette lighter plugs to DIN power outlet sockets as used on BMW & Triumph motorcycles.


£15.83 + VAT (£18.99 inc VAT)


New improved SAE-compatible connection lead.

This special accessory plug lead allows connection of standard car cigarette lighter plugs via the small accessory sockets fitted to some BMW, Ducati, Honda & Triumph motorcycles. This new lead has a weatherproof ‘cigarette lighter’ size socket which can be used to provide a 12V DC power outlet for various accessories.

It simply plugs into the standard DIN socket on the bike to provide a power outlet socket for a multitude of accessories which come fitted with cigarette lighter plugs - e.g. GPS sat nav units, speed camera detectors, tyre pumps, portable music players, laptop PCs, camping lights, etc.   Essential for motorcycle touring.




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