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OptiMate SAE Compatible Accessories

Cig Socket Plug Lead

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Accessory Plug Lead to connect OptiMate Battery Chargers to car cigarette lighter sockets or to an O-6 lead.

SAE12 (O12)

£7.49 + VAT (£8.99 inc VAT)


New improved SAE-compatible connection lead.

This accessory plug lead for use with SAE OptiMates allows connection to standard cigarette lighter sockets on cars, vans, trucks, buses etc. It also fits the socket on the O-6.

It is of particular use for any other vehicles where use of the standard fused permanent lead is not practical for any reason.  Note – before ordering, please check that your cigarette lighter is live when the ignition is OFF.  The accessory plug lead is wired for NEGATIVE EARTH vehicles – if you have a positive earth vehicle, it is necessary to rewire the plug accordingly.



If your OptiMate or accessory has the white TM compatible connector, you need TM72



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