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AccuMate Battery Chargers

AccuMate PRO-5 12V

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5 channel 12V battery optimiser - ideal for bikes, cars, storage centres, dealers, workshops


£199.99 + VAT (£239.99 inc VAT)






Multi battery smart charging at an affordable price for all lead/acid batteries from 5 – 100Ah+


5 x 1.8 Amp charge rate


Connection: SAE

AccuMate Pro5 is a 5 station charger based on a more powerful AccuMate circuit with 5 x 1.8A outputs. It will simultaneously charge and maintain up to 5 batteries from 5Ah to 100Ah+.  Perfect for garages with more than one classic car, motorcycle, lawn tractor etc.

AccuMate Pro5 will charge & maintain up to 5 batteries simultaneously & independently.  IUoU 3-step charging; 1.8A constant current main charging stage. Detachable charge cables are easily replaceable in case of damage. Optional charge cable extensions allow up to 15ft / 4.5m for maintaining batteries on vehicles. Integral electronic protections against short circuits at the clamps and wrong polarity connections. Spark suppression system. No fuses to burn. Competitively priced technology for all modern automotive batteries.

NB AccuMate Pro-5 can use the standard range of OptiMate & AccuMate accessory leads, extension cables and connection options.  Click here for accessory leads and connection options.

Ideal for car and battery dealers - manage your battery stock more effectively. KNOW that every battery you sell will stay sold, by being properly charged when you sell it. Avoid problems caused by gradual discharge of batteries of showroom or stored vehicles.


·           Versatile, 4-step, automatic charger and maintainer for all modern and classic lead-acid batteries up to 100Ah+.

·           Ideal for long-term maintenance of batteries of irregularly or seasonally used vehicles & appliances; Especially specialist, classic, veteran & collectors` vehicles.

·           Perfect for all types of rechargeable lead-acid batteries: filler cap types; absorbed acid "MF" for motorcycles; valve regulated (VRLA); & GEL-electrolyte types.

·           Very easy to use - Simply connect to battery and mains power. The rest is fully automatic.

·           Comprehensive & intelligent LED indications - AC power on; battery voltage selection; wrong polarity connection; charging; and maintain (charge completed).

·           If a sulphated or neglected battery is unable to draw at least 200mA, the indication will not progress past the yellow charging LED.

·           The green maintain (charge completed) LED means exactly that, charging has been completed.

·           No risk of overcharging – designed for long-term connection.  AccuMate Pro-5`s special monitoring circuits vary & regulate the current & voltage exactly according to the battery manufacturer’s specifications.

·           SAFE & foolproof - No worries about wrong connections, accidentally shorting the battery clamps or blowing fuses.  Automatic protection even suppresses sparks.

·           Compact, yet powerful - Will safely charge 12V batteries discharged to as low as 3V when other chargers are unable to. Charging time equal to  5 x 5 Amp conventional chargers despite the compact size.

·           No risk of overheating - Automatic temperature control regulates charge current to a safe level in hot or enclosed conditions.


Complete with detachable mains lead, 5 x detachable output leads, 5 x clamp leads, wall mounting tabs.



E-Mail: sales@AccuMate.co.uk