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Dealer Sales

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Want to join the AccuMate success story?


The most successful battery charger / optimiser in the UK is available to dealers and volume users at discounted prices. Contact us for further details.

Our specialised battery chargers are ideal for lead/acid batteries of all seasonally and occasionally used vehicles. Examples include classic cars, specialist & race cars, motorcycles, garden equipment, ride-on lawnmowers, ATVs, ground-care equipment, caravans, RVs, marine engines, power boats, jet-skis, fire engines, ambulances, emergency vehicles, military vehicles, vehicle & plant hire businesses, museums, car storage facilities; the list is endless. If it has a 6V, 12V or 24V lead/acid battery and is not used regularly then it probably needs one of our intelligent battery chargers.

If you operate in any of these markets and want to add a brilliant innovative product to your range, call us.  Reliability is proven over 15 years plus - the warranty is 2 Years or more.  Margins are good and the potential markets are huge. We offer Point of Sale merchandisers and are happy to refer customers to committed resellers in their respective markets. Our minimum sales quantities are reasonable and the chargers are supplemented by a comprehensive range of accessories. Call or email our dealer sales team to ask about terms. TecMate chargers have such a good reputation that they virtually sell themselves. Why offer your customers anything less?

Despite the fact that OptiMate is the most successful brand of battery conditioner in the UK motorcycle market, we are always looking for new dealers to help continue the success story. If you want to offer your customers the best quality products, then OptiMate & AccuMate should be at the top of your list.

As well as powersports applications, OptiMates and AccuMates are also ideal for use with deep-cycle and standby batteries of conventional, AGM (absorbed glass mat), “MF”, gel, “dryfit” and spiral cell construction. Non-vehicle standby applications include batteries of backup power supplies on burglar and fire alarms, emergency pumps, power gates, radio beacons, special tools etc. Deep-cycle applications include mobility scooters, wheelchairs, caravans, caravan movers, golf carts, car booster packs, etc. Our chargers have been proven to significantly extend both the capacity and the lifespan of batteries. We have customer testimonies explaining that using them has extended battery life considerably.


E-Mail: sales@AccuMate.co.uk