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4 Way Adaptor

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A 4-way adaptor for CarbMate & SynchroMate - allows balancing of up to 4 carburettors. Ideal for motorcycle carburettors.

4 Way Adaptor

37.00 + VAT (44.40 inc VAT)



4-channel adapter kit converts SynchroMate V2 into a 4 carb / throttle valve synchroniser.

This easy-to-mount & easy-to-use kit allows connection of SynchroMate's 2 channels (tubes) to 4 carbs / throttle valves at once.

To fit: remove the SynchroMate from it's rubber protective holder, pass the tongue of the adapter through the end hole in the rubber holder so that the fold in the adapter plate rests on the lower edge of the hole in the holder. Then replace the SynchroMate in the holder so that the tongue of the adapter is gripped between the housing of the SynchroMate & the bottom of the holder. The adapter can be left permanently mounted like this if preferred, or easily & quickly removed & subsequently remounted.


The rubber tubes exiting the SynchroMate can be left at original length or cut down to suit if the 4-channel kit is to be permanently mounted.

How to use the 4 channel adapter kit on 4 carburettors / throttle valves:


There are normally three adjustable links between 4 carburettors.

For synchronising purposes the carbs are split into two pairs.

Attach tube 1 to the leading or reference carburettor (the accelerator cable is attached to this carburettor).

Attach tube 2 to the other in the pair containing the leading carburettor.

Attach tube 3 to the first carb in the second pair.

Attach tube 4 to the remaining carb.

Synchronise in 3 easy steps:

1. Select tubes 1 and 2 to synchronise the first pair of carburettors.
2. Select tubes 3 & 4 to synchronise the second pair of carburettors.
3. Finally, select tubes 1 and 3 to synchronise the two pairs of carburettors.


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